"Your English Trainer is wonderful and very organized, concise, and extremely bright. She just couldn't be better. We are very pleased to have her - don't let anyone else have her - we want to keep Paulina!"


"I just wanted to contact you and let you know that last week on my daughter's report card she got 6 B's and 1 A in English! Not a bad way to start off high school. I had tears in my eyes when she told me. Thanks for being such a great tutor!" 


"I am very happy with English Trainer. Our Tutor is really helping my twins to focus. They are developing better study habits and their understanding of English has improved dramatically."


"Thanks! For me you're the best Teacher in the whole wide world!

You're so good that they can't ignore you!"


"The tutor was fantastic. She is exactly what we needed... She and  my son got along terrifically."

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